Live @ Rock Hits

Released September 2021

1.     Devotion Land
2.     Black Sabbath
3.     The Funk
4.     The Wench Song (Spray)
5.     The Golden Age

Equinox EP

Released March 2020

1.     The Highlands
2.     The Wench Song (Spray)
3.     Black Sabbath 

All lyrics by Harli Saxon. © Harli & The House of Jupiter – All Rights Reserved

World of Lies

Verse 1:
Bloody nightfall
Whispers sunlight
Still as evil as I’d thought it was
Creepers rampage
Rambunctious mind-slaves
Still as lovely as I’d thought they were

Why these lies?
Honey, honey, I’m so sick of the lies (x2)

Verse 2:
Well a black hand pulls me
And he calls out slowly
You’re as beautiful as I’d thought you were
Baby’s crying
And she won’t stop crying
And the mother, mother is out working to buy a soul
Kill the father
And your God is bothered
Society, she is out working, searching for the same soul
Screw me over
And you’re one step closer
To the achievement there that is burning, fresh in your mind


Why? (x3)

Why these lies?
Honey, honey, I’m so done with your world of lies (x2)


Verse 1:
I saw you yesterday, looking through the fog mirror
saw you yesterday, looking through the glass
They told me yesterday, when I was looking through the fogged mirror
They told me yesterday, surely it would crack

So what’s it like, Alice, underground?
Because they’ve banned us from going down
And what do you see, Alice, in the Earth?
Mother nature, she’s giving birth

Verse 2:
Who are you? (x3)
Who are you, Alice?
Eat me, drink me, eat me, drink me
Help me, help me
Oh, Alice
Eat me, drink me, eat me, drink me
One gets bigger, another gets smaller
Help me, help me
An issue gets bigger, an issue gets smaller
And the thing on the news from yesterday got set aside for a brand new thing
Alice, why are you sitting down for tea? Help me
World War III is starting, Global Warming is increasing
People are living on the streets, people don’t have enough to eat
Alice, I’m starving here

(Instrumental Break)


Oh no, our Earth
Mother, our Earth
Sister, our Earth
Oh no (x2)

Easy Anarchy

Verse 1: 
Science fiction 
Overwhelming pictures, set the scene, we fall in ditches 
Never-ending supersonic advertisement 
A mask upon the Earth 
Velvet rabbit 
We follow you, we wreck the truth, a migrant trader (traitor), 
A shadow in the sky, I feel my feet are burning 
A sinner built from birth 

Easy Anarchy 
Fate is coming for me 

Verse 2: 
So tell the Nazis 
Hold them to their tongues, and stop the vacant zombies 
Eradicate the future of the plants and flowers 
The valiant murderer 
Shifty system 
The president of fuck you all, the loss of victims 
A spiritual consciousness for proposition 
A tumbleweed amiss 


(Instrumental Break) 

Easy anarchy 
Fate is coming for me 
Easy anarchy 
God have mercy on your soul

Whatever Though

Verse 1: 
I sit and wait upon a park bench 
The lights are passing by 
Sudden explosion in the sky 
It’s getting late, the moon is passing 
I’m fragrant, and I’m fierce 
I dip away without a care 

Chorus 1: 
They say it goes on and on 
Scattered, but still strong 
It goes on and on 
The end will never come 

(Instrumental Break) 

Verse 2: 
I fall asleep upon that park bench 
The night left me behind 
I thought the heat would blow my mind 
And I don’t know why I can’t save you 
It’s fucking vicious and it’s cruel 
But human, don’t you know I made you 
We can’t all play it by the rules 

Chorus 2: 
It’s hypnotic and wrong 
It goes on and on, stupidly along 
It goes on and on 
It’s broken ‘til it burns down 
It goes on and on 
The end is coming soon now 

So value who I wish to be 
And watch the world still disappear around me 
And tell me why I’m such a burden 
To this poor Earth, its iron curtain 

Chorus 3: 
It goes on and on, hypnotic and wrong 
It goes on and on, stupidly along 
It goes on and on 
We broke it, so it burned down 
It goes on and on 
The end is coming soon now 

Whatever though


Verse 1: 
Here lies the filthy stench of everlasting procreation 
We stumble to our deaths of human-biased information 
In dwelling up above, there is no longer admiration 
For soon, we’ll all go down the rabbit hole of slow evasion 
Forget your parent or your company, what’s more convenient 
Than zoning out and running pictures through your head again 
Forgive your father, for he knows just what he does, now listen 
Take the bait 

And witness deja vu brawling with you 
I’m crawling with you 
Witness deja vu, it’s not what you’d heard 
Extinction’s absurd 

Verse 2: 
I have a memory from when I was just a child 
All of the brainwashed humans walk around unreconciled 
And soon they’ll come to know of just what lies beyond the curtain 
As they appear to consummate, their egos all uncertain 
Forgive your parent or your company, whichever’s decent 
I’m zoning out and hearing anthems in my head again 
And once I reach the dirt, you’re standing at the grave I dug for all of you 

Witness deja vu brawling with you 
I’m climbing with you 
Witness deja vu, it’s not what you heard 
Extinction’s absurd 

It’s absurd (x4) 

(Instrumental Break) 


The Reckoning

Verse 1: 
Murderous, but the urge is fleeting 
Watch me walk, I can feel it creeping 
To the well, where I’ll slip and fall down 
Straight to hell, I can’t stop the thoughts now 

But I know it’s not the chemicals 
That cause me to be the way I am 
And I know it’s not the tradition 
‘Cause I’ve tried so hard to deviate 

I don’t think I’ve lost my way 
I won’t let go 
I reckon you’ve lost your mind, so 
Let me know when you decide to have some more compassion 

(Instrumental Break) 

Verse 2: 
Just had to stop the pain 
Please don’t tell, I’ll never start again 
Need some more, sorry I betrayed you 
I’m a whore 

Please, I swear it’s not the chemicals 
That cause me to leave you in the dust 
Don’t you judge, you’re such a hypocrite 
I’m just trying not to feel 

Chorus 2: 
I think that you’ve lost your way 
I’m letting go 
I reckon you’ve lost control, so 
Let me know when you return to face a new direction

March of the Gods

Verse 1: 
I take the first step 
I smile through the fear 
Though now I’m not sure, I might disappear 
And it seems quite strange 
His self-righteous behavior 
But it’s an elegant chance to meet our maker 

Open up your mind, and nurture your thoughts 
Nurture all your soul, and piece all the parts together 
There is a revolution standing by 
Open up your heart, don’t turn a blind eye 
Focus all your love, there’s a rise in the tides, meanwhile 
There is a revolution standing by 

All’s not lost 
All’s not lost 
Here we are 
All’s not lost 

Verse 2: 
Step number two 
Confronting the demons 
It’s a vicious battle between darkness and light 
And we might overcome 
If we march forward with purpose 
But the unity’s gone, and it’s making me nervous 



Look again 
We can win 
Look again 
We will win 
Step number three

Queen of Wands

Verse 1: 
All these cards have lived up to their purpose 
Now they are a mess upon the table 
I sit and observe their bleeding colors 
As they, scattered, lay a metaphor for my future 

But I am the queen, 
If you know what I mean, 
I’ll work my magic in your dreams 
The queen of wands, I’ll be 

(Instrumental Break) 

So who am I but a fighter jet 
Flying and bombing in the breeze 
And who am I but a control freak 
I’ll dictate your every move 
If chaos is of a virtue 
I’m a minor prodigy 
And I’ll fly until I explode you 
You don’t want a thing to do with me 

Verse 2: 
So I want to know if you’ll still love me 
But I’m too ashamed to ask you, so 
Please try to forgive me for obsession 
I’m not angry, I just want to know 

Because I am the queen 
And I know just what you need 
So just hold me 
The queen of wands, don’t leave


Verse 1: 
I don’t think I’m going home 
Those who gave me hope are gone 
And I’m lost again 
Fading, waiting, alone 
Please get me out of here 
My brain has checked out from the fear 
And I want to believe that the runaround is over 
But I’ve never found a four-leaved clover in this field of horror 

I beg for attention 
Though I’ll never mention 
Just what has happened here 
I transfer the tension, the stress, and pretend that I’m okay 
I welcome the sorrow 
For I hope tomorrow will correct what I feel 
But as for right now, I have a new roommate 
And this one doesn’t steal 

Verse 2: 
So zero closes in 
I’d like to think I have a friend 
And I try to maintain optimism even though hell has risen 
Even though 
Dear God, help me to believe all that I witness is not reality 
And I’ll wake up from this nightmare 
At home, back in my body 
At one with my soul again 


Please, get me out of here 
Dear God, help me to believe 
Please, get me out of here 
Dear God 


Is This Life...

Verse 1:  
My hometown was hit by a car yesterday  
I heard it on the news  
Our new laws have justice thrown away  
I heard it on the news  
We all tried to fight for our lives  
I heard it on the news  
Any move we try to make is a failure  
I saw it on TV  

Is this life or betrayal of life  
Where hypocrites control the world  
No, we can't end world hunger, baby  
But we sure can start a war  
Is this life or treason, honey  
I can't seem to find out myself  
Is this world so cruel that maybe  
The poor are banned from having wealth  

Verse 2:  
Teenage suicide level increases  
I saw it on TV  
Another child star's in rehab  
Well isn't that the Disney dream  
When you wish upon a star  
You yawn then go to sleep  
Racism is back on the streets  
And all the mixed kids  
We're crying  


(Instrumental Break) 


Red Widow

Part 1:

Verse 1:
A sullen road, I walk along  
Amidst blackness, I appear  
Silence my brain of the sounds  
What am I doing here?  

Wouldn't it be nice to be a spider?  
Wouldn't it be nice to trap my prey?  
And if you ever killed me  
Wouldn't it be nice to have your way?  

Verse 2:
Everything I'd ever want  
Is trapped inside a dream  
I make vows, I live them down  
In nonconformity  
So tell me, who am I to be  
In this blank society?  
And if I could restore myself  
In self-sufficiency, oh  

Wouldn't it be nice to be a spider?  
Wouldn't it be nice to trap my prey?  
So suck the blood, power me up  
Wouldn't it be nice to kill today  

Wouldn't it be nice?  
Wouldn't it be swell?  
To be venomous  
In malevolence  

(Instrumental Break)



Part 2:

And then she crawled upon the stairs   
And I wondered why she had visited me   
Upon those melancholy stairs   
Looked in her eyes and I saw my own face   
I wanted to chop her down standing there   
With that mocking look she gave   
I wanted to set her on fire   
I wanted right to my territory   
Of all the evil in the world   
Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes   
Of all the evil in the world   
Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes, my cries   
And then I knew that she was me   
I wished her death and I wished my own pain   
I cannot take away her chains   
She dies, I cry, she cried   
And wouldn't it be nice to be her? (Wouldn't it be nice?)   
Wouldn't it be nice? (Wouldn't it be nice?)   
And if I ever killed her, if I ever killed me   
Who would even know it was me?   
This venom that I have  
Looking into my reflection again   
This venom that she has   
She could end me with a single bite of her shame   
Looking at me   
Elimination game


Verse 1:
Cold as ice  
Bold as starlight  
Woe is me on a bad night  
Your pity is such a sad fight  
I told you to give up  
You kept me around for the feeling  
'Cause there's nothing else like a hot fling  
And I don't know why you entrapped me  
If you planned to set me free  

Voca me cum benedictis (x2) 

Verse 2:
So tell me now  
Do you read me?  
All my tears taste like whiskey  
And I was warm when you held me  
But you whispered slow, give in  
And I let you steal all you wanted  
I couldn't heal, so I confronted you  
And now that you feel so indifferent to  
I pray you'll sing with me  

(Chorus) (x2)

Verse 3:
Cold as ice
Bold as starlight
Woe is me on a bad night
And your pity is such a sad fight
I told you to give up
So tell me now
Do you read me?
All my tears taste like whiskey
And I was warm when you held me
But you whispered slow, give in


The Highlands

Verse 1:
Trippin' through the highlands
Not smilin'
But you think you're vibin'
Why, man?
You're coastin'
Sailin' on an ocean
But fuckin' for devotion
Makes you wanna dive in
Get you some attention

Verse 2:
Stranded on an island
Think you lost your mind, and
Left it all behind again
At least you look fly, man
You're flexin'
Thought you learned your lesson
No question
Makes you wanna die, man
Cry, man

Oh... Oh no...

Verse 3:
Starin' at a mountain
Take a look at your surroundings
And stop doubtin'
Start climbin'

The Wench Song (Spray)

Verse 1: 
A precious little boat 
On a sparkling, shining sea 
Some pleasure from a soul 
As beautiful as me 

A party on a ship 
Come on my little trip 
I beg you, take a dip 
I wanna see you drip 

Chorus 1: 
So take a ride on my ocean waves 
And we can dance like mermaids 
No one will see if we misbehave 
So hop on aboard 
And spray 

Verse 2: 
I'd love to walk your plank 
I'd love to lift your sails 
I love it when you place 
Your anchor on my tail 

Dive off our precious boat 
I love it when you float 
Steal booty from a soul 
As beautiful as gold 

Chorus 2: 
So come and sail in my ocean waves 
And we'll make love like mermaids 
No one will see if we misbehave 
So hop on aboard 
And spray 

Come on and tread in my ocean waves 
And we can fuck like mermaids 
No one will see if we misbehave 
So hold your breath... 

And spray

Black Sabbath

Verse 1:
Everything ain't black and white, you'll hear me say 
Pathetic thoughts are just a waste of time 
Open up and let 'em in and seize the day 
You can't tell a reason from a rhyme 

(Instrumental Break)

Verse 2:
Honestly, you shouldn't've ever left me there 
In the smoke with nothing left to do 
Wanna keep my sanity and clear the air 
Wanna know the taste of freedom too

Devotion Land

Verse 1:
You live in devotion land 
Where love is your barter and 
The resource of all your cries 
Citizens will pay the price 
When hearts overload and die 
I hope that you'll realize 

Chorus 1:
That you will never comprehend the pain 
And you will never ever fan the flame 
But when you're walking on the border 
Wondering if you'll cross again 
I'll be your only friend 

Verse 2:
Illusion of all you see 
Dirt road to maturity 
The journey inside of me 
And one day, you'll wonder why 
When fighting for all their lives 
Will you even see them fly? 

Chorus 2:
But you will never understand their pain 
And you will never ever break their chains 
But when you're giving up your hope 
Abandoning those mental slaves 
That's when the road will pave 

Verse 3:
And you'll leave them all behind 
On your venture into life 
You'll find out the reason why 
Your past that left ghostly moans 
In thoughts that will lead you home 
Will no longer overload 

Chorus 3:
And you will never comprehend the pain 
And you will never ever fan the flame 
But when you're walking down the road and 
Wondering if you'll reach that place 
I'll be the one to stay.

The Funk

Verse 1:
Shame on the funk for locking me up in the bedroom 
Raped by the bed 
It has me tied down 
Can’t make a move 

Shame on myself for not attempting intervention 
I’m not so strong 
But I can pretend 
My intention 

Shame on the punk, refueling my rage with ambition 
Out of control 
I start to decay 
No one listens 

Shame on the world for staining my soul with a vengeance 
I feel disgust when I’m all alone 

Verse 2:
I’m not the one to blame for this game of decision 
Spat in my face 
I pray to erase this collision 

Holding me back is always this huge misconception 
All that I am 
Embodiment of some aggression 

No matter what, I can’t escape all this projection 
Fucking me raw 
Polluting my heart 
No protection 

Shame on the funk for letting me speak unattended 
I’m not so mean 
You’ve muffled my screams

The Golden Age

Verse 1:
Lost in a dream 
Far too paralyzed to scream 
So I feel stuck in this coma of rage 
This must be The Golden Age 

Society, a hospital 
Full of malpractice and surgery 
Where the torture stings and unstitched wounds bleed 
We must find a doctor for our needs 

Chorus 1:
But there’s nothing here but pretenders 
On pretenses of foolery 
Among the patients here are contenders 
Fighting for all that this world could be 

Verse 2:
And so we’re told 
To carry this load 
Of distraction, as it’s pumped through our veins 

But it’s so cold, 
The apathy 
We must detach ourselves from the machine 

La da daaaa da da daaaa da da daaaa 

Chorus 2:
‘Cause there’s nothing here but mourning cries 
As our bodies begin to die 
And all we can feel is numbness now 
As we fade away into the light 
And pass on through the quiet night 
‘Cause this “Golden Age” calls for a fright 
If we’d have faced it, we’d be alright

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